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I am a housewife. Just a few weeks ago if somebody had told me about the newfound wonders of natural dietary supplements at HHCSRC I might not have believed. I am married 20 years without any issues. I am 50 years now.

Two years back I was diagnosed to be having thyroid enlargement. I was and medications for 1 year. And followed each and every instruction of my MD. But despite that oral medication the swelling progressed in size and I developed tremors, cold hands and feet, restlessness, weakness. I was also having pre menopausal problems like hot flushes, sweating, dryness of skin, irritability. My swelling of thyroid was so bad I stopped going out. When I consulted my MD I was told to get a biopsy done. I was so scared I did not know what to do. I was also told that I have to get the enlarged gland removed as it is the only cure remaining for my problem.

Then I met Dr. Rao and he spoke to me in detail and explained everything to me. I wanted if possible to retain the gland as it also performs some essential functions in our body. Removal may reduce the problem of swelling but what about the functions of thyroid that is necessary for the body. I had so many such questions which Dr. Rao answered very coolly and then I decided to start his supplements and keep the operation for the last. Then he also told me being an MD that why it was necessary to undergo biopsy and rule out cancer and all. He gave courage to me and my family. I underwent the biopsy and for my relief my thyroid showed no malignant changes. But it was defined as a follicular adinometous nodular operation for removal.

Dr. Rao interpreted my investigation & explained to me. I started with my dietary supplements and within weeks my swelling started reducing in size. I felt much better and healthy from inside. Even my menopausal symptoms like hot flushes, tension, and emotional disturbance started reducing. My family is really happy to find a natural treasure in Dr Rao's center. We are thankful to God for helping us find Dr.Rao to get to help with our ailments.

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