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Disclaimer/Notice: The Merchandise and information found on drraomd.com are not intended to replace professional medical advice or treatment. Our Merchandise not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or medical condition, or to replace professional medical advice/treatment. Individual results may vary. Drraomd.com urges you to seek the advice of a qualified professional for any & all specific health concern, and share with your provider any information pertaining to your health and well-being, including the use of supplemental nutrition as well as our merchandise. All material provided on the site is provided for informational or educational purposes only. We try our best not to make mistakes; however, if typographical errors appear in our site, we cannot be held responsible. Also:

1. HHCSRC Inc. ONLY sells “Merchandise” NOT PRESCRIPTION MEDICATIONS. The Merchandise have NOT been evaluated by FDA. Merchandise of HHCSRC Inc. contains dietary supplements, herbs, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, tissues from organs or glands, etc.

2. HHCSRC Inc. and Dr K. Rao cannot answer personal and specific health questions. . They do not give advice, make recommendations, suggestions, claims, or guarantee a possible time frame and what Merchandise one should take. These types of questions are best reserved for my health care provider. Our conversation and opinion is only about products of HHCSRC Inc, and for informational purposes only.

3. We sincerely hope you get the desired effects from the merchandise you purchase. However, no one can guarantee that this will happen. Each person is unique in his or her response. One person may notice great benefit from a merchandise, while another may have a side effect or an allergy. We cannot guarantee a merchandise will help you; however, we do guarantee that the merchandise we are offering are quality products. There is no guarantee of any kind regarding any benefit and period and no claims are made about the benefits of these Merchandise. Also, understand that individual results may vary & know that they may or may not be of help to the user. This merchandise may contain other ingredients unintentionally introduced in the raw material that was used, or during harvesting, or during the manufacturing process. It may contain substances, which could cause an allergic reaction. User must take them on his/her own responsibility with consent from his/ her family. Therefore, there is no assurance or guarantee of any kind regarding any benefit from these Merchandises. It is customer's decision alone to purchase these Merchandise. HHCSRC Inc., or its employees will not be held responsible if any kind of complications, allergies or side effect occurs, which might have occurred because of his/her health problems or the long-term usage of traditional medications or other dietary supplements.

4. Individual results vary with merchandise. User agree that he/she has already discussed with family about purchasing these Merchandise and have purchased with their consent. user agree that he/she is an adult, do not suffer from any mental conditions. Customer/buyer is mentally competent to make his/her own decision & is fit to make payment INDEPENDENTLY if decide to buy Merchandise. Customer/buyer hereby intend to be legally bound, for self, his/her heirs, executors, administrators, personal representatives, successors or assigns by this contract. User hereby agree that he/she has been fully informed about all the details, as well as the pros and cons about Merchandise intend to purchase from the HHCSRC Inc. People come with very complex and chronic health problems, which are unable to be controlled by medications, and other problems due to side effects of prescription drugs. Due to this, they may develop acute complications, which may coincide with the use of these merchandises. User agree that he/she & their family have thoroughly thought about all these pros and cons and want to try the Merchandise.

5. HHCSRC Inc. does not provide emergency services. If you want a medical diagnosis or treatment, please contact the New York County Medical Society for referrals. Customer/buyer agree that he/she is told to discuss using this merchandise with their physician before purchasing merchandise for its effects and any drug interaction. Customer/buyer has been told not to stop/change prescription medicines without the consent of health care provider when they start using this merchandise.

6. This website is not any medical doctors’ or natural doctors’ website to seek any medical services like physical examination /investigation/ medical advice/ prescription/ physiotherapy, etc. Dr. K. Rao is not a medical practitioner in USA. [Dr. Rao has a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery Degree from India which is the equivalent of an MD in the USA. He is a past member of the American Academy of Pediatrics. However, as he does not wish to practice prescription medicine, he has not applied for and completed the board certification and licensing in the USA.] He is not a licensed medical doctor in the USA and does not advice, examine, diagnose, cure, and treat any disease or recommend Merchandise. Dr Rao only provides Merchandise for purchase. All communications and discussions about the Merchandise are strictly for information purposes only. The use of skin & hair merchandises is for demonstration only & not as a beauty salon service.

7. User authorize that their investigation reports, progress, and audio-visual recording could be used for the betterment of people, in scientific studies, publications, advertisements, television shows, the internet, on websites, and in other media outlets. User, their family & agents have agreed that user/buyer will record their views about the effects of these Merchandise while taking them. user has also agreed that his/her friends, family members can express their views about the effects of this merchandise. The HHCSRC Inc. has the sole copyright of these recordings and reports and user has given them the authority to use them as and when required. User/buyer, his/her family & agents will not take any kind of legal action against the HHCSRC Inc., its employees, and any media agency for publishing and broadcasting these clippings.

8. Return/Refund Policy- User/Buyer agree that these Merchandise are mixed for overall benefit and as soon as the order is placed the mixing of merchandise commence. AND ONCE THEY ARE MIXED EXCLUSIVELY FOR ME THEY CANNOT BE EITHER SEPARATED OR USED FOR ANYBODY ELSE. HENCE IT CANNOT BE RETURNED OR REFUNDED OR EXCHANGED. All sales of merchandise are final and there is No Guarantees, No cancellation of orders, No returns, No refunds and No exchanges. However we can tell you that the products we are offering are quality products and by using the similar kind of products according to the regimen hundreds of people with problems similar to you are happy and satisfied, these video testimonials can be seen or read before you to visit us. USER/ BUYER AGREE THAT, THEY WERE TOLD MANY TIMES THAT IF HE/SHE, THEIR FAMILY & AGENTS ARE NOT SURE OF THE PURCHASE, OR FOR ANY REASON IF THEY INTENT TO LITIGATE FOR RETURN, REFUND OR OTHER REASONS IN FUTURE, THEN THEY SHOULD NOT PLACE ORDER OR PURCHASE THESE MERCHANDISE IN THE FIRST PLACE. User/ buyer agree that he/she is totally responsible for the purchase and he/she, their family & agents can’t ask for return/ exchange/ refund in future either on the phone or email or in person. User fully understand & agree that he/she can’t dispute this payment transaction anywhere, including the Credit Company, bank or court of law. User understand that the HHCSRC Inc. doesn’t accept any personal check. If payment is made through a check/credit card, then user/buyer fully understand that he/she will be responsible for any decline, bank charge, stop payments, check returned and be liable to repay the charges with dues, including attorney’s fees, legal charges and/or collection agency fees.

9. The user has to pay an initial fee of $100.00 for discussion, which is non-refundable. Customer has to pay separately for whatever merchandises he/ she wants to buy along with shipping & handling charges.

10. User/ buyer understand that Dr K. Rao is just an employee of HHCSRC. Inc and does not own & does not have any share in this corporation. Your contract & payment will be with HHCSRC Inc. against purchase of Merchandises. Future disputes will be restricted to HHCSRC Inc. NOT personally with its employees. Any legal disputes/litigation will be only between the buyer & the HHCSRC Inc. This excludes Dr K. Rao, any employees and volunteers personally, as all these are only employees of the corporation, and all disputes shall be resolved only within the Jurisdiction of the HHCSRC Inc.’s present location county court at the time of filing of litigation. User hereby agrees not to elect trial by jury of any issue fully knowingly and voluntarily and is intended to encompass individually each instance and each issue as to which the right to a trial by jury would otherwise accrue. HHCSRC Inc, and its representatives are hereby authorized to file a copy of this paragraph in any proceeding as conclusive evidence of this waiver.

11. The merchandise from the HHCSRC Inc. will be consisting of powdered supplements, extracts or concentrates and may be found in many forms, such as tablets, capsules, soft gels, gel caps, liquids and powders.

12. In the future, if there is any need for discussion regarding the Merchandises (No discussion about replacement/exchange/cancellation/return/refund) only the user or buyer of the Merchandise can call, or fix a time for visit, so that he/ she can be given a convenient time. In addition, it will not be possible to explain details fully and repeatedly to well wishers/friends. Whenever user calls, he/ she should give a period for a return call, as they have to be answered by authorized personnel only. During weekends and holidays or when there is problem with telecommunication there may be delay in getting an answer.

13. Sales and services rights are reserved by the HHCSRC Inc., and its services can be denied if necessary.

14. Merchandises are prepared for one month/ ____months supply. After full payment, customized preparation of the merchandise will start the same day and will be shipped as soon as possible. Prepared merchandise have to be picked up within 7 days of the preparation. After 7 days, the order will be discarded and the HHCSRC Inc. and/or its employee cannot be held responsible. Merchandises are best used within 3 months of preparation.

15. IMPORTANT NOTE FOR ADVISERS/WELL WISHERS: People come to us after exhausting all available options. THRE IS NO MAGIC BULLET. It will take few months time for these Merchandise to show effect. We highly appreciate each dollar spent from your hard earn money and sincerely hope are satisfied from the Merchandise you purchase. We cannot guarantee a merchandise will help you; one may notice great benefit from a merchandise, while other may not have desired benefit or may have a problem. There is no way we can please everyone with every product. Rarely some people change their mind or under the guidance of somebody else who do not know anything/do not have faith about the Merchandise try to abuse the system for return/refund. When you actually think about pharmaceutical drugs prescribed by your doctor, you will realize that neither the pharmacy nor the drug company will accept a return of a bottle if the antibiotic or other medicine does not work or if you simply decide you do not want it after some time. So we again request you please think of the pros and cons, discuss with your family and if you all think to buy these merchandise then please call us or visit online. IF YOU , YOUR FAMILY OR AGENTS DISAGREE OR SKEPTICAL, WE FIRMLY REQUEST YOU NOT TO PURCHASE OUR MERCHANDISE. UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING BEFORE AGREEING THIS FORM AND BEFORE PLACING AN ORDER.

Please Read the CONTRACT OF INFORMED CONSENT, DISCLAIMER, TERMS, CONDITIONS thoroughly WITHOUT ANY RUSH, understand before accepting the contract and doing payment. You are buying the Merchandise supplements (They have NOT been evaluated by FDA) NOT PRESCRIPTION MEDICATIONS) of your own free will with the consent of your family after fully understanding & agree to the above terms. HHCSRC Inc. or its employees and volunteers have not done any fraud, misrepresentation, breach of trust or undue influence of any kind to extract money from you. You agree that you, your family & agents will not intentionally cause any damage to HHCSRC Inc. physically, financially or in reputation.

As I sign this agreement state that I am not under the influence of any medications, alcohol or any other drug or under pressure of any other person. I am mentally stable, not cognitively impaired, am fully capable of taking independent decisions & making payments. I, my family and agents will NOT DISPUTE this later on for any reason. I am signing on this form willingly so that it can be used wherever required legally.


NOTICE: THE INFORMATION, STATEMENTS & DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS PRODUCTS FOUND ON TV SHOWS AND WEBSITE WWW.DRRAOMD.COM HAVE NOT BEEN EVALUATED BY THE FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION AND ARE NOT INTENDED TO DIAGNOSE, TREAT, CURE OR PREVENT ANY DISEASE OR MEDICAL CONDITION OR TO REPLACE PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL ADVICE . Individual results may vary. We urge you to seek the advice of a qualified professional for any health concern, and to share with your family & your health care provider any information pertaining to your health and well-being, including the use of supplemental nutrition and take their consent before buying these merchandise. All material provided on the site is for informational or educational purposes only. We try our best not to make mistakes; however, we cannot be held responsible for any actions taken based upon information provided on this website & TV shows or if typographical errors appear in our site. © 2002 DrRaoMD.com All rights Reserved herbal dietary supplements.