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I am a young woman of 28 yrs with hormonal and allergic problems. I had severe allergic bronchitis, skin allergy, also signs of hirsuitism. Excessive hair on face, loss of scalp hair, hoarseness of voice, acne and irregular menstrual cycles. You can imagine my problem. As every young woman I wanted to look beautiful, put an end to my problems before my marriage. So I started searching for some remedy to my problems. I tried out all possible kind of conventional medicines, other well known beauty brands available over the counter to help my problems but they only worsened and I was fed up.

Then I heard about the dietary supplements of HHCSRC by DR. Rao. I came thinking that when I have failed so many times one more try would not hurt me. During my first visit I felt re-assured and hopeful when I learnt in detail how the scientific approach using the natural dietary supplements and extracts which will be made especially for me is going to be beneficial. I was convinced of its effect

Then my journey with nature started. I started taking the dietary supplements, the natural gel based paste for my pimples and pure natural herbal oil for hair. And in few weeks only my hair fall is stopped, my pimples are gone. My allergy is lessened. My hormonal cycle is regularized.

Now I am looking forward to marry. My fiancé says I am more happy & beautiful now after taking Dr. Rao's supplements and I don't fight with him for anything now. We are both thankful for this wonderful gift by Dr. Rao.

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