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“I got my life back again. Dr. Rao’s therapy made me a new man. Happy days are here again, for me and for my family. I don’t know how can I thank him…”

It is wonderful to have someone who is an MD and an expert in natural medicines too. I would not have believed the wonderful effect of these scientifically made blends of herbal extracts by Dr.Rao, if I had not seen the result myself. I can only say I am happy to find him after looking for a right person to take care of my health in America and different countries I have visited. I love nature and what else can I ask for, when I am happy, my family is happy and my life is beautiful without any regrets or tension.

I am 35 years old with strong genetic predisposition for high cholesterol & cardiac risk. I was a smoker, used to be very moody, tense, with high blood pressure. My father died young due to cardiac problems.

Before meeting Dr. Rao my cholesterol was very high. The figures were:

Normal Report  Normal Range
Cholesterol 394mg/dl Less than 200
Triglycerides 1178mg/dl 40-50
HDL 38mg/dl 40-60
VLDL 236mg/dl Less than 30
Coronary risk factor 10.4 5.0

I was taking 20mg Lipitor twice a day without any benefits. I was also having erectile. Dysfunction, increasing weight, constipation, acidity, insomnia because of Lipitor. I had tired lot of remedies both allopathic and natural. But nothing seems to work.

Then I came in contact with Dr. Rao and a much awaited miracle happened in my life. He thoroughly studied by LAB reports and carefully prepared especially for me a package therapy with detoxification and rejuvenation. And for the first time, I felt that my life was changing for better. I started feeling happy and my own self again. I was able to even quit smoking, simply following Dr. Rao’s advice.

My reports after Dr. Rao’s treatment showed:

Normal  Normal Range
Cholesterol 347
Triglycerides 710
HDL 44
VLDL 142
Coronary risk factor 7.9

Then the period came in my life when I thought, “Well, my cholesterol is much reduced now and so I can just continue with Lipitor and everything should be ok." As I stopped the therapy against Dr. Rao's advice, all side effects of Lipitor started again and after 4 weeks my report showed as below.

Normal  Normal Range
Total Cholesterol 408
Triglycerides 957
HDL 30
VLDL Unrecordable
Coronary risk factor 13.6

I realized the value of scientifically prepared natural Supplements and how missed the restful sleep and happiness I used to feel when I was under Dr. Rao's treatment.

So, I came back to Dr. Rao and started from where I had left this time for better only.

I was much impressed the way he listened to me and despite the fact that I had left him, he did not give up on me.

Dr. Rao asked me to get a liver function test done. And my SGOT came 65 U/L ( normal 4-37). But thanks to Dr. Rao's miraculous natural formulas made especially to suit me after a few weeks I was better again. Here are results of my latest report:

 Normal  Normal Range
Total Cholesterol 226
Triglycerides 436
HDL 39
LDL 89
Coronary risk factor 5.8
and, also SGOT
(Liver enzyme)

Now I can feel total change in my life and my family is happier too. I am a changed man now, thanks to the caring attitude and total dedication of Dr.Rao for my health.

T.S. Manhattan, New York
Owner, Subway food chain

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