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 Dr. RaoDr. Rao is a Medical Doctor from India. He is a past member of American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) settled in New York with a family history of generations in Natural and Complimentary Alternative Medicine (CAM). Dr. Rao has a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery Degree from India, which is the equivalent of an MD in the USA. However, as he does not wish to practice prescription medicine, he has not applied for and completed the board certification and licensing in the USA. He is not a licensed medical doctor in the USA and does not advice, examine, diagnose, cure, and treat any disease or recommend Merchandise. He has been trained in special natural supplements since his childhood as he belongs to family of natural doctors. His expertise is in preparing unique special blends from the secret treasure of rarely available natural, herbs and extracts from all over the world. As a science director of HHCSRC now he blends with special supplements not writes any prescription medicine or practice as medical practitioner. Dr Rao possesses vast medical knowledge, which gives him a clear advantage. As a consequence he can formulate special customized merchandises in best way so that the people will be benefited to the maximum. He is well known globally for developing his unique blend of different combinations. He provides relief using a very scientific approach, combining modern techniques with Natural Supplements prepared from a collection of Large number of proven combinations. . So his specialized work is much beyond from warehouse/fulfilment centres working for those top online health websites, doctors and specialists who reveal information about general health or diet and know about some dietary supplements and vitamins but they don't know anything about the best help and formulations for complex problems. a> Basically they just preach about healthy living and marketing health products manufactured by others under their name and making commission/ brokerage on them on the basis of health news and research work available and continuously published from different organizations.

He is also not like other medical doctors who sit in their office everyday for changing and increasing dose after dose of the medication of their patients. He not one among those who smoke, drink alcohol, junk food freak, with a fatty body and many health problems yet talking about healthy lifestyle. He talks the talk, he walks the walk. He does everything that he preaches. He says that we can’t change our genes, but we can always influence them. He gives his own example in this regard; He does have a strong family history of severe high blood pressure, obesity and heart problems. But with the help of these customized merchandise which he has been taking, he weigh only 150 pounds with blood pressure mostly around 100/68 and pulse around 60/minute. And according to him, anybody who follow similar regimen can get same benefits.

His method teaches the person involved how to be away from diseases by being nearer and with the nature to live healthy and longer. He has a fierce determination to help others achieve maximum physical, Mental, Sexual and spiritual health. Click here to contact Dr. Rao. Our customers have benefited tremendously with this unique way. Click here to read about customers’ investigation reports to see the recovery from complex problems; Click here to watch customer videos THAT WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS HAVE TO SAY ABOUT OUR CUSTOMIZED MERCHANDISE WHEN ALL HOPE WAS LOST. BY USING THE SIMILAR KIND OF PRODUCTS AND FOLLOWING THE REGIMEN HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE WITH MULTIPLE COMPLEX ISSUES SIMILAR TO YOU ARE HAPPY AND SATISFIED, AS YOU CAN SEE IN THESE VIDEO TESTIMONIALS WHICH ARE BY REAL, UNPAID CUSTOMERS NOT PAID ACTORS. Listen to them and decide for yourself.

Dr K. Rao is highly qualified and respected all over the world for his work on 'Environment and Health'. He has MD degree, Post Doctoral/Graduate Residency, Bachelor of Science in botanical Science, plants & herbs . In addition, he has 20 years of experience of Naturopathic Health Science. Because he does not want to practice western prescription Medicines he has not done board certification and licensing in USA. He believes in Mother Nature. He has also conducted more than 158 integrated Holistic Health and environmental protection camps for various charitable organizations. He has more than 10,500 hours of volunteering under his belt. He has over 5000 hrs in community service in health and environmental TV as well as Documentary film volunteering. People watch his shows on Public Broadcast Channels, Time Warner Cable, cablevision, and satellite TV. He was on the advisory board of United States Department of Agriculture's special nutrition program for Women, Infants, and Children and the Child Nutrition Program. He is an avid sportsman. Several times, he has successfully represented at National level in long races 10,000 meters, Marathon etc. He was also Mr. University for two years.

Several so-called yoga teacher, ayurvedic doctors and tele mall companies advertising in United States running business from abroad or visiting United States on visitor's visa make several false promises thinking that as they are not part of American system therefore are NOT bound by United States business laws. Whereas we are running highly respected, legitimate, licensed center in United States under strict regulatory guidelines. Our activities are strictly monitored by different Government agencies.

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