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Food as part of disease treatment is slowly being accepted by more doctors. Many think it is new. However, it is not. During the first half of the 20th century, the impact of food on our bodies was one of the hottest scientific fields. Insulin was discovered in 1921, and its commercial production meant survival for diabetics. In the 1930s, three scientists won a Nobel Prize for discovering that a substance in raw liver cured pernicious anemia, a disease that was almost always fatal. Eight Nobels were awarded just for work related to vitamins. And, it turns out, the special diet was developed back in the early part of the last century, too, only to disappear from medical literature for two generations. It was first used as a medical treatment for complex problems in the 1920s. The principles underlying the diet have been around since Hippocrates touched on them nearly 2,500 years ago. Special diet and supplements approach to treating different kind of degeneration and sclerosis in brain, spinal cord and other parts of nervous system often their problems went away. Johns Hopkins Children’s Hospital in Baltimore, where the diet was pioneered in the 1920s. Harvard Medical School and more than 100 hospitals in the United States, Canada and other countries offers different dietary ways to treat sever health issues NOT RESPONDING to multiple drug treatment.

People usually come to us after trying every kind of treatment available when they don’t get any relief from conventional hospitals and health establishments. They visit hospitals regularly, first primary physicians, then specialists and finally super specialist, routine investigations, special investigations etc. People take the medicine prescribed by their health care professionals religiously, follow the diet to the point but still the problems increases with the increase in dose after dose and finally change / increase in number of medications day by day, first 50 mgs then 100 mgs then 200 mgs then combinations of multiple drugs, first 2 then 4 then 6, 10, 14 … different kind of prescription medicines 2 to 6 times every day. For example: In the case of diabetes, primarily take just one medicine to reduce blood glucose then after some time, need 2-3 drug combinations with higher dosage to control same blood glucose level of the same person, although now eating restricted low calorie diets.

Actually doses must reduce, however people need more dosage as well as many more different medications. Why? Because for example in Diabetes, most medicines took in the past only reduced blood glucose level and did not improve insulin production in the beta cells in the islets of langerhans in pancreas or its uptake at cellular level. Instead, those medicines reduce the insulin production of their body by increasing resistance, that’s the reason for increased doses and combination of medicines. After some time, one may need insulin shots, which probably develop antibody against insulin cells and a person requires more and more insulin from 5 units to 10>15>30>80 units and so on… and these increased doses & increased numbers also bring increased extent and intensity of the side effects. The side effects provided on the details of pharmacy are the adverse effects are for the minimum dosage of these medications used during trials and at the time of approval. In this regard let me give you one example of a common lipid lowering drug which earned 12.5 Billion dollars in 2002. What everybody have been disclosed and know about its lots of side effects including sever liver damage caused by its trial dose of 2.5mgs which has been recommended dose at the time of its trail and approval but can you imagine what may be the extent of damages are taking place to billions of people worldwide in reality, as nobody is prescribed the dose of 2.5 mgs. Mostly the dose is prescribed 10 /20/40 and 80 mgs per day. So can you imagine what must be happening when you take those medications several folds of their trial dose? People may develop many other health problems such as hypertension, cardiac problems and may also need- balloon angioplasty/ bypass surgery, which may develop stroke, depression, peripheral neuropathy, and then renal failure. All this leads to the need of dialysis then renal transplant and/or stroke. After few years, unable to lead a normal life, unable to sleep, walk or be normal because of all or many of these problems. Further, may also develop side effects like headache, neck pain, joint pain, body ache, getting tired easily, restless sleep (disturbed sleep), and body stiffness in the morning. Increase in confusion, become more irritable, drowsiness, loss of memory and focus as well as depressed. This start to development of urinary problems, and ultimately become disabled. Some are even unable to breathe and need oxygen. Some also develop erectile dysfunction, and loss of sexual desire. That is where the role of our special products starts.

                                  Aren’t most people unhappy with whatever treatment they have taken until now? Aren’t they getting worse day by day after trying everything possible? We can imagine how much it has worsened in the last few months and years and what will happen after a few years, if they don't fix their problems. In contrast, increase in dose after dose of prescription medication and problems. Our special merchandise helps in overall benefit. The quantity as well as quality of life improves on long run. The role of our extensive detoxification and rejuvenation is also very important. We don’t make any claims or give any guarantees, you can see the unpaid video testimonies how people are benefited.

                                  The main thing is not to just relieve symptoms or to control the blood glucose level and blood pressure, as done by most of the prescription medicines. Detoxification, rejuvenation of body are also equally important while correcting root cause. For example, do you take a shower every day? Do you change clothes every day? There are 365 days in a year and multiply that with your age. That is the total number of showers you have taken up till now. So imagine if you didn’t shower, then how many years’ dirt will be on your body? Even after closing all windows in your home, why do you need to dust at least every weekend? Now that you can understand, a lot of fumes, dust and pollutants are depositing all over your body, clothes, and in your house. So are you cleaning your body with the best possible soap and hair with shampoo?

                                The same harmful things are going inside your body every day, plus we are eating garbage literally, everyday. Around 3000 toxic food additives are going inside our body. Did you know that more than 2 billion pounds of pesticide are sprayed on fruits, vegetables and animal fodder in America every year? Why do apples you buy look so shiny and don’t decay, even after months of keeping them outside in the open? This is because the grower of these fruits and vegetables spray fungicides and wax on these fruits to increase their shelf life. Chickens are grown and slaughtered in 3-4 weeks when it took 52-78 weeks previously. Cows start giving milk in 3 years (½ of the natural age) because of the use of growth hormones by big companies with the backing and approval of agencies. No one wants to take higher antibiotics and hormones. But you and your kids are regularly exposed to heavy, cheap quality veterinary antibiotics and hormones given regularly to these animals. So, that these animals shouldn’t fall sick during their lifespan and the owners will earn and yield more money. Actually these livestock’s are milk and meat making machines now.

                                  Why are girls nowadays achieving their menarche (start of menstruation period) at around 9-10 yrs of age instead 13-14? Why does a 12 year old girl look like a 16 year old? This is because of the hormones in our food. Why do people look 5-10 years older than their real age, even after trying hard and using all kind of cosmetics on their faces to look younger, in contrast to the olden days when people used to look younger and healthier without any makeup? In olden days, for females menopause occurred after 55 years, but now they develop pre-menopausal symptoms around 30-35 years. Why do males and females have loss of libido around 30-35 years and they have to make mood and need to take sex boosters ? (Research reveals that now people have sexual strength ½ of what their grandfather had at this age). Having kids and enjoying healthy sex are two entirely different things.

                                  Most people think that when big hospitals and advanced medical science instead of helping put them on heavy doses of prescription medicines then how supplement merchandise can help for their big problems? Yes technology is enhanced a lot in recent past. Car models as well as surgical techniques improved a lot but can you think why illnesses, cancer and requirement of surgeries are also increasing? First, the present system makes you eat highly advertised junk food then you need balloon angioplasty and other surgeries. Yes we must need surgery for accidental body damages but rarely, because of lifestyle related health problems. Are you healthier than your grandparents or they were healthier than you? Definitely they were, right? They never used these chemical prescription medicines unnecessarily. They used only natural herbal/ bush medicines with little knowledge and availability and they where healthier and lived longer.

                         Because answers to our most of the health problems lie in natural way of healing not in the chemical medicines and unhealthy weaning. Why don’t we eat materialistic things like paper and pencil? Why do we need to eat fruits and vegetables? Why next hundreds of generations also need to eat what we are eating right now. If you drink gasoline in small quantities then you are not going to die immediately, but on long term use gradually it will harm your liver, kidneys and other body organs in the same way as any unnatural chemical medications does to our body that’s why with the increase of doses, there is increase in side effects and you invite new health problems and ultimately people develop lung, heart, liver and kidney problems. Remember scientists can build big rockets and high tech airplanes but tell me can the entire scientists in the whole world together make a single ant or simple house fly? No, because they are short of power to compete with nature. We can be healthier by being only near to the nature because we are living beings. Our future and prospects lies in nature not with chemicals and unnatural medications.

                                  We do everything very scientifically and with proof. We combine Modern Medical Technology and Complementary Medical Modalities in an innovative yet responsible manner to heal people and optimize their health and vitality, to give opportunity for Healthy Living a Holistic way by taking command of their Body, Mind, and Soul. To achieve this goal we really work very hard. Our Merchandises are prepared usually with rarely available proven dietary supplements,herbs, extracts, vitamins, minerals from all over the world. It is different from other kind of naturopathy or ayurveda. These merchandise include the time tested proven herbs without any side effect with 3000-5000 years old history and tested and proven on human beings not on rats and mouse. That is the reason we get better result with our preparations than using any other company supplements. We follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). So we always try to ensure the quality, and they are helpful in the overall wellbeing. We believe that customers should be entitled to the highest standards of care, regardless of cost-influenced decisions made by insurance company bureaucrats.

                                  You may be taking some vitamins and supplements manufactured in bulk which may give you a false belief of detoxification and rejuvenation, but body needs the real things in proper quantity to correct your problems. For example, you are hungry of two sandwiches, but you only get a ¼ of a sandwich to eat? It’s good, but not sufficient for what your body need. Only filling gas for your car enough? No, after every 3,000 miles you need to change the car’s engine oil, plus you need maintenance on time like when you need to change the tires, brakes etc. Most companies go through market research that how much common man earns and can spend for their supplements. They market different supplements with low potency and in lower doses required by your body and to combat with your complex health problems. So that they can sell these things to more people and ultimately can make more money by spending no time on individual basis. The results of our merchandise you can hear from on our video testimony section “watch customer videos” and you can share their experience. None of them paid advertisements. Our customer's health is very important to us that are why nothing here is automatically generated by software, unlike other websites who respond automatically. Or you get quick replies from call centers located elsewhere and your orders shipped quickly from warehouse/fulfillment centers working for those top health websites/ doctors and specialists who reveal information about general health or diet. Even sites hosted by MD's talk about some dietary supplements and vitamins but they are limited. Basically they just preach about healthy living and selling health products and making commission/ brokerage on them on the basis of health news and research work available and continuously published from different organizations.

                                   Our merchandises are result oriented; While we're certainly born with genes that help determine everything about us from our height to our eye color to our risk of heart disease, we're making a monumental mistake if we assume we can't influence those genes. Chemical modifications imposed externally on genes by lifestyle or environmental influences experienced changes in gene expression, for example which decrease or improve body’s ability to burn fat and store sugars wrong or properly, increasing or decreasing their risk for diabetes. Yes, we cannot change Genes however people can always influence genes and its behavioral outcome, especially in favor to live healthy as well as longer means remarkably increased quantity and quality of life.

                                   It's not for those who say that they are so busy that they don’t have time for their own health. Also this science is not for them who spend their entire lives in only earning and having worldly pleasures, and unbalanced life styles who can go to god after their death to say “see I have left few hundred thousand /million dollars in my bank balance so I should get better facilities and luxury for life after death”. This is for those who are really concerned about their health and well being because until you are alive, you have all sorts of attachments and obligations towards family, relatives, friends and your work. If you are not healthy or if you are not alive to take care of your obligations and attachments, everything becomes immaterial. Remember, to enjoy every movement of life, to do anything in your life, to achieve something in your life; you need to be healthy and alive. Don't die before your death.

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