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Our merchandises are fantastic outcome of extensive research and analysis of secret knowledge of rare natural substances blended scientifically to combine Modern Medical Technology and Complementary Medical Modalities in an innovative yet responsible manner to optimize health, wellness and vitality of people. To achieve this goal we really work very hard. These are really special and different from what is available in the current market that’s They are result oriented and they are not ready made like other dietary supplements provider or health web sites those who get their fulfillment by 2-3 manufacturers from U.S. in their brand name but what you get is the same stuff. You may be taking some vitamins and supplements manufactured in bulk which may give you a false belief of detoxification and rejuvenation with little help, but body needs the real things in proper strength and dose to correct your complex problems. ANY ONE WHO COME TO US ARE SKEPTICAL IN THE BEGINNING THAT HOW THESE MERCHANDISES CAN HELP THEM AND THEY ARE AFRAID TO TRY THEM AS THEY ARE IN HABIT OF TAKING UP TO 25-30 PRESCRIPTION PILLS DAILY SINCE MANY YEARS. LIKE MANY SIMILAR BUSINESS WE DON'T BELIEVE IN MAKING CLAIMS. OUR MAIN STRENGTH IS IN HUNDREDS OF VIDEO TESTIMONIES NOT FROM PEOPLE WITH SOME MINOR AILMENTS. EVERY CUSTOMER COME TO US WITH MULTIPLE, COMPLEX ISSUES AFTER EXHAUSTING ALL AVAILABLE OPTIONS. THESE VIDEO TESTIMONIES ARE GIVEN AFTER TAKING OUR MERCHANDISE AND THESE ARE THE EXPERIENCE OF REAL PEOPLE. NONE OF THEM ARE PAID EVEN A SINGLE PENNY. THEY ARE NOT PAID ACTORS. WATCH THEM TO SHARE THEIR EXPERIENCE IN THEIR OWN WORDS. ALSO WE HAVE TONS OF INVESTIGATION REPORTS BEFORE AND AFTER TAKING OUR MERCHANDISE WHICH SHOWS THE IMPROVEMENT. For example please share experience of AIDS and HIV patient came to us with well below normal CD4 of only 302 (normal range is 497) with sever weakness, Repeated infections, Depression, Anemia, Weakness, loss of memory, unable to walk in home. After aids treatment CD4 became well above normal level that is 507Now she improved a lot, working 10-12 hours daily confidently without any infections and leading normal life with our special dietary supplements. Read second example; In case of male sexual problem of erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and infertility customer came to us with sperm count of 52 million with only 20% of sperm motility and 50% normal sperm morphology and after fertility treatment sperm count of 52 millions became 74 millions, 20% of sperm motility increased to 90% and 50% normal morphology improved to 90% normal sperms. Another example: Customer came with Diabetes, high cholesterol, Thyroid problem, Depression, High Triglyceride, duodenal ulcers, Kidney problem, proteinuria, Hormonal Imbalance, Loss of concentration, Anemia, Weakness, whole body pain unable to work. Then she went into liver failure for which there was no medication and her doctors just gave up. And she was bed ridden. Now after taking the customized merchandise from our center, she is fine. Her proteinuria is totally gone. Her diabetes is controlled. She does not need any medications anymore. She works in the medical field. She is now working confidently and leading normal life. Share her experience. She came with very high liver enzymes. Her Alkaline Phosphatase was 128, Aspartate transaminase (AST) was 318, Alanine transaminase (ALT) was 544 & L-lactate dehydrogenase was 256 . After taking our Merchandise her liver function test came back normal. Fourth example; In case of kidney cancer and Lung cancer with metastasis to brain, spleen, pancreas, after removing 3/4th of his lung, left kidney, pancreas and spleen was removed by 3major surgeries and doctor said that they can’t do anything more as its stage IV cancer and he is going to die in 7-10 days, he was unable to move his hands, with depression, weakness, anemia, pain in abdomen, swelling over feet. Now there is lot of improvement after special merchandise, he is working confidently and leading normal life with our special dietary supplements. If you don’t trust us just Share his experience how and why our supplements are really special. when once these kind of terminally start taking our merchandises, gradually they start experiencing over all benefit, for example first they carefully monitor their problems like blood pressure level, blood glucose level and all other symptoms for depression, insomnia or anxiety usually after few weeks they gradually reduce prescription pills anymore and gradually with reduction of those pills they feel extremely good and cheerful and ultimately they lead healthy life. Don’t forget to read online side effects and dependency of each and every prescription medicines taken by you. In contrast of increasing dose after dose of prescription medication and health problems, our special merchandises gradually reduce problems as well as the need of conventional medicines simultaneously. The quantity as well as quality of life improves in result.

Our natural merchandises are highly customized and prepared usually with many combinations of raw herbs, extracts, vitamins, minerals from all over the world. It is very different from other kind of dietary supplements, naturopathy or Ayurveda and sold by other online health sites. We procure herbs from all over the world ensuring quality. That is the reason we get better result with our merchandises than using any other company supplements. We ensure maximum benefits to our clients. We follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to preserve herb integrity. We use those traditional rare botanical products used in naturopathy by our fore fathers though they are now available scantily and so to ensure the quality we pay the high price, but they are useful in treating most of the worst kind of cases which are not cured in highly sophisticated hospitals too. We believe that patients should be entitled to the highest standards of care, regardless of cost-influenced decisions made by insurance company bureaucrats.

These merchandises are formulated specially for you as you don’t have just one problem, mostly those who comes to us has complex of multiple problems and the intensity as well as extent of each problem is different for every individual that’s why we need to customize the combination specially for you . Let me give you one example: what if you or your body don’t accept/like pizza topped with Pepperoni, Ham, Bacon & Sausage? They have to prepare as per your requirement right? Achieving all this is not so easy as we are writing and you are reading, it needs lots of hard work, personalized attention, personal care, lot of patience, time and energy as its not topping a pizza its special merchandises to bring optimal wellbeing. Along with your major problems there may be other minor problems which may be unnoticed by you but have relevancy with your problems that’s why every body is requested to fill out contact form first, for this personalized preliminary discussion directly with Dr Rao just for you and about you. We do it on individual basis and work hard to give relief when people don’t get relief from prescription medicines. We take up each problem as a challenge and work hard to keep the trust & faith the client places in us and make sure that you get benefited. Most of the time it requires several interactions between you and Dr Rao to know and decide exactly what you need to help you in best possible way on this earth and every time you can see how detailed is this personalized discussion only about you. Also sometimes people come with their own combinations & formulas and in those cases we try our best to provide the same to them. So we suggest everybody even don’t bother to plan to spend even single penny from your hard earn money if you can’t understand and appreciate our efforts towards the betterment of your coming healthy and lengthy life also if you don’t deserve this kind of special care and attention for you and your complex problems.

Several so-called yoga teacher, ayurvedic doctors and tele mall companies advertising in United States running business from abroad or visiting United States on visitor's visa make several false promises thinking that as they are not part of American system therefore are NOT bound by United States business laws. Whereas we are running highly respected, legitimate, licensed centers in United States under strict regulatory guidelines.

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