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I am 27 years old woman who found the ultimate relief for my cosmetic problems in the abode of Dr. Rao's health & beauty care. Thank you very much Dr. Rao. May you get the opportunity to spread your wings and give relief to as many needy as possible through your natural Supplements.

I am always interested since childhood in trying out new things to enhance my beauty. As a result by the time I grew up I started getting infected ACNE and by repeated use of different medication/cosmetics to cure them my face was spoiled totally. I tried each & every available product supposed to cure my problems. But the matter only worsened. Daily I used to get up & with so much of hope think that yes may be today I don’t have any new pimple or acne and look into mirror but what I see? Always big, new, painful pimples and also deforming scars.

I have a beautician in my family. I took her help and followed her advice but the things just remained same. I am a working girl and in a good position and my look matters to me and my confidence. To add to my problems I started getting same big pimples on my back too. The pain was hindering my activities not to mention the scars they always left. The skin of my face and back became dark, dull with big black scars and spots, and also dents.

At this time I came to know about Dermabrasion technique which is supposed to clear your skin and correct the complexion and all. I thought ok let me try this. I searched for a renowned center to get this done so that I will be in good hands. I started with so much enthusiasm. The first day sitting was very painful and later my skin got much thickened. I got scared. When I asked about it I was told this is a usual reaction to the technique which will go off on its own in a few days. Then I prepared my self bravely and went thro few more sittings. But it further complicated my already bad state. I was given some cream and told that the procedure is not doing well to me. By now I was scared like anything. But what could I do?? I was depressed and hopeless. I was covering my face with ample amount of concealers and all.

Then out of blue I came to know about Dr. Rao’s health and beauty care. I started wondering what will be the change. Then I started thinking that oh he is an MD too and also says he use all natural things and no chemicals. My mind said what to I have to loose. I am already in bad shape as it is. And I was also told that the natural supplements can’t harm you. I went to meet Dr. Rao without knowing exactly what to expect. He was different from any one else I had met in my course till now. He showed so much confidence in his supplements, nature and also in his knowledge I went ahead with his suggestions.

I was given first sitting there where they used freshly made natural herbal scrub, paste, pack only for my problem and after an hour of the procedure I could see the difference in my skin. It looked alive, pinkish and scars were reduced. I was then given dietary supplements and freshly made face wash as well as face pack to use at home along with the instructions to have regular sittings. I was also told few do's & don'ts. The best thing was all the items were made especially for me (I felt special & cared for too). They had everything natural, no additives & no chemicals or no preservatives.

Just after a few sittings the result was really promising. I could see the changes on my face. Pimples were suppressed, scars pale in color. Then as the course continued my back was clear of all the pimples & all scars gone. Now I could show my back off. And new pimple came in small size for some time and gradually that also vanished.

And gradually the hard scars on my face started disappearing too. My face was fairer. Now I have a fresh healthy look. I have regained a lot of self-confidence.

All this thanks to Dr. Rao & Dr. P. Rao. I am grateful to them. I have found myself back there.


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